Girls Like Us 2024

Young girls around the world, collaborating with artists from the Aunt Joy collective.
50% of all purchases go to charities that support women and girls.


The Girls Like Us collection includes limited edition prints and original paintings, all created by featured Aunt Joy artists, with the selected artworks by young girls at the core. The selected young girls receive one of the artworks their art is featured in.

As part of the open call, girls were asked what it is that they love about creating art. We saw a strong overriding theme of a need to create calm the mind, and help with emotions. Similar to the 2023 open call, the girls also expressed a love of creating freely, without limitations and rules. A theme which sings perfectly in tune with what is at the heart of Aunt Joy – a determination to create more space for women in art and carve an easier, freer path for young female creatives. 

It was important to us that we opened the call to girls between 8 and 14. Multiple studies show that across these years girls confidence levels drop by 30% (source). It feels to us that it's these sensitive formative years where we have the most potential to inspire.

A huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone involved.

50% of every purchase goes to charities that support women and girls.

Girls Like Us 2023

50% of all purchases go to charities that support women and girls.