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Betty's Drawing

Betty's Drawing

Artist: Anita Klein & Betty, 9

Medium: Linocut print on Somerset satin 300gsm

Edition: Limited edition of 50

Size: 39.5 x 34 cm (image size 30 x 25.5 cm)

"I drew obsessively as a child, so much so that female relatives and friends saved the cardboard out of their tights (“pantyhose”) packets for me, and my mother asked the butcher for spare “butcher paper”(newsprint) for me to draw on when she did her weekly shopping. My drawings were always scenes from my everyday life, and it was to these that I returned after I grew tired of making the (then fashionable) abstract paintings at art school, and I rediscovered the obsession that has sustained me for more than 40 years." Anita

“I love art because in art there are no rules at all and you can just sort of go free, and before you know it you’ve created something magical” Betty, 9

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