Aunt Joy always gives 10% of all sales to a pool of women-centred charities, have a look at the charities we are dontating to at the moment, and why we love them. 

Sistah Space

Sistah Space is a domestic abuse organisation for African heritage women. It provides help and support with understanding and respect for the history, culture, and specific needs of African and Caribbean survivors of domestic abuse, as well as running the Sistah Space Sanctuary in Hackney.

Registered charity No. 1179934

Women's Aid

Women’s Aid is a national, survivor-centred charity that works to end domestic abuse against women and girls. Women’s Aid works with other charities to give survivors the best supports possible, determined by their situation. Aunt Joy especially loves their work with Galop (Registered Charity No. 1077384), a national anti-violence helpline for members of the LGBT community facing violence and abuse.

Registered Charity No. 1054154

Bloody Good Period 

Everyone deserves access to basic care and hygiene products, regardless of their living situation. Asylum seekers receive just £40.85 a week to live on, and period products can cost up to a quarter of that. Bloody Good Period supplies homeless women. Refugees, and those who can’t afford them with period products, as well as granting menstrual education for those less likely to access it.

Registered charity No. 1185849


Refuge offers spaces, support and community outreach projects to women, children and some men escaping domestic violence and other forms of violence. As well as refuges and child support workers, refuge also produces research into the effects of domestic violence and the issues surrounding service provision, which informs their work. 

Registered charity No. 277424

Young Women’s Trust

Young Women’s Trust is a feminist organisation working to achieve economic justice for young women. They support women under 30 in the UK who are struggling with unemployment or low-income work and are focused on battling poverty and giving women the tools to succeed. They work closely with women to improve their CVs, cover letters and applications, as well as providing life coaching and support.

Registered charity No. 217868

Jessie Woodward colourful abstract painting

The Society for Women Artists 

The Society for Women Artists is a British art body and charity dedicated to promoting art created by women. They hold an annual exhibition in London and give women the chance to show and sell their work, as well as providing exhibition spaces and opportunities for women. 

Registered charity No. 298241 

Mothers for Mothers

Mothers for Mothers is a charity that support mothers suffering from depression, anxiety, or isolation during pregnancy or post birth. It offers art psychotherapy and counselling, home visits and other forms of 1-to-1 support.

Registered charity No. 1185281


Womankind is an organisation that supports and strengthens other women-centred charities. With 1 in 3 women worldwide experiencing violence, less than 15% of landholders in the world being women and only around 24% of parliamentarians worldwide being women, we love the broad and practical approach womankind takes to bridging the worldwide gender gap in politics, economics, and rights.

Registered Charity No. 328206