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Artist: Cassandra Yap & Sofia, 9

Medium: Screen print on fine art Giclee print with 24 carat gold leaf detail. 

Edition: Limited edition of 10

Size: Image 42 x 59.4 cm (A2)

“When I was nine, drawing and doodling was a bit of escapism for me. Not sure if I was any good at it, but I always preferred drawing to homework. I loved collaborating with Sofias beautiful work, her words really touched me, the gold bird in the flock is a tribute to her dad"  Cassandra 

“I find creating art relaxing and calming. I have anxiety and I draw to help me sleep.  When I draw I can really use my imagination which calms me down and I can express myself. I like looking at nature because it is beautiful and calming.  I also like looking at the sky because my Daddy is a star.  I get a happy feeling from a starry sky but my favourite time of year is watching the murmuration. My picture is a murmuration. It brings me and everyone else such joy seeing the birds." Sofia, 9

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