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Artist: Jane Dinmore & Ashley, 10

Medium: Original painting on 300gsm cold pressed paper, acrylic & ink. 

Size: 23 cm x 30cm

"When I was Ashley’s age my experience of art was through cartoons and the graphics on sweets and crisps. Hand drawn animation was a great inspiration to me, I loved copying characters. I remember loving Sesame street’s number painter : known as the ‘mad painter’ who would have a notion to paint a number on random surfaces… I’m going to paint an 8, then with a loaded paint brush paint a thick 8 on a bald man’s head. This amused me and this was art! 

Ashley’s artwork with it’s broad smiling hill is such a wonderful image. The anthropomorphic shut eyed smile to me is direct happiness. Ashley’s hills reminded me of Dora Carrington’s Spanish landscape with mountain 1924, in which the hills look like bended knees!  I have created three spontaneous paintings on paper inspired by Ashley’s work. I taken the happy closed eyes of Ashley’s work using them within an abstracted landscape." Jane

"I love creating art because it helps me express myself and makes me feel free and happy. I grew up crafting with my Mommy and always had fun. Our table is filled with crafting supplies at the moment making Valentine’s cards! ” Ashley, 10

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