• Ma Devaux

    Marie is a London-based contemporary artist and printmaker, known for her vivid portrayals of mountain landscapes and organic abstracts. Driven by colour and texture, her work seeks to draw viewers in with carefully curated compositions, and captivate them with intricate details.

    Originally from Belgium, Marie was born in Pakistan, raised in South America and has been living in London since 2015. These experiences gifted her with a deep love and respect for travel, culture and nature, which continue to inspire her craft. Marie is particularly interested in re-interpreting what she sees in the outdoors. Through a combination of photography, painting and printmaking, her work aims to convey the energy and emotion of the natural world into our daily lives.
    Marie has been screen printing for over 7 years. Her practice continues to evolve and more recently she has been experimenting with monoprint to create fine art prints. The combination of printing and painting allows her to create unpredictable and unique art.