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Set Yourself Free 76

Set Yourself Free 76

Artist: Poppy Faun & Tildie, 10

Medium:  Archival inkjet fine art print on 410gsm Somerset paper

Edition: limited edition of 25

Size: Image 50 x 50 cm, paper 60 x 60 cm

"This collaboration has been really special to work on. Growing up I was surrounded by art and creating was something I did daily, whether painting, collage or finding anything that could be created into something of my own. I have many fond memories of being out in nature with my family. I was brought up avoiding at all costs television and luckily didn't have the mind numbing control of mobile phones, computers and the digital world that we live in nowadays. If I wanted to do something it would be either creating indoors or playing in the great outdoors seeing nature in all it’s beauty. So this collaboration felt very relatable as my fellow 11 year old Tilde, who I collaborated with, sent a wonderful piece of nature and her motive felt very much the same as when I was her age...” Poppy 

“I love creating art because I don’t have to please someone about how it looks, it’s free. Being in nature makes me joyful, as well as spending time with my friends and family. Making art also gives me happiness!” Tildie, 11

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