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Courage Crown

Courage Crown

Artist: Amy Gardner & Eden

Medium: Paint, ink, spray paint, screen print, collage, diamond dusted. Each piece is unique. Signed, editioned and titled

Edition: Series of 4 

Size: 29.7 x 42 cm (A3)

"I remember it's when I was 8 that my art spark sparked, I remember it well, I was in an art class, learning about the colour wheel, I was actually buzzing like a bee, energetically. Eden the young girl I am collaborating with is 11, and all I can remember about being 11 is my 11th birthday, I turned 11 on the 11th of January, and I remember being told by a family friend that I was a powerful girl. I remember feeling like I quite liked the sound of that, and I hadn't really considered that powerful was something that I could be before that.   I resonated with Eden's feelings about colour so much, I too have a very special relationship with colour. I really wanted to share 'my colours' with her. While creating this collaboration piece, I thought a lot about Eden's confident line work. It was the mane from Eden's Lion that I was working with, so of course this also got me thinking about courage. I think our collaboration is about courage, so Eden, I am sending you some courage, or perhaps you have sent it to me, thank you" Amy 

“Art is a way to express yourself in a different way. You can create your own
world and you are only limited by your own imagination.  I love the beauty of colours and the happiness it brings to the world. Everything is filled with colour - in nature and in everyday life, and each colour gives you a feeling that sparks creativity and joy. Colour is my happy place.” Eden, 11 

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