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The World That Is Coming

The World That Is Coming

Artist: Poppy Lennox & Xanthe, 8

Medium: Giclee fine art print on Hanulemme bamboo paper with hand embroidery.

 Edition: Limited edition of 5

Size: Paper size 29x21cm, artwork size 25x17cm (A4)

“An intrigue in systems and patterns has been part of me for as long as I can remember. In particular the patterns within nature. I remember feeling very connected to nature aged 8 - a summer of lying in fields making daisy chains and staring up at the trees and the vast sky above. I remember feeling the blades of grass through my fingers and the strong earth beneath me. It was contentment and possibility all in one.” Poppy Lennox

“I love creating art because you can just draw whatever you want. You can use all your imagination and there’s no limits. You’re free and nobody can tell you if it’s right or wrong.... Being with my friends and family gives me joy. They make me feel strong and brave and my heart feels full of love.” Xanthe, 8


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