• Poppy Lennox

    Contemporary British artist Poppy Lennox explores the human desire to seek pattern as a way of understanding the vastness and complexities of existence. Working in wood with the layering and revealing of paint and incisive, repetitive, often geometric stitched marks, she looks to the structures within the cosmos and nature’s intricate systems and patterns as a means to make visible the interconnectivity of life.

    Energy Lines, Poppy’s most recent body of work reveals pattern that is reminiscent of both mycelium and cosmic networks. Tethered forms of thread go beyond the woven mark to connect the microcosm and macrocosm and reflect on the energetic and vibrational forces that surround every aspect of existence.

    The Transcendentalist belief in the divinity of nature and the importance of our connection to it informs much of Poppy’s subject matter. The titles of her works reflect on the importance of the energetic, ritualistic and sometimes spiritualist dimensions to her practice and allude to a pursuit of ascension, self-liberation or perhaps, refuge. Recent works To Be in the Depths of Matter and The Initiate look for transcendence and subject matters that go beyond a physical level.

    Since transitioning from her previous career as a project manager to museums and curators and artists, Poppy’s work has been shown in a number of exhibitions, private members’ clubs and art fairs. She has sold to collectors in the UK, US, Singapore and Middle East and has work in the collection of renowned London wine merchant Berry Bros & Rudd for whom she created a limited-edition artists’ label (2021). Poppy has worked with arts mental health charities Hospital Rooms (2022) and A Space Between (2022) to deliver on-line and in person workshops and has exhibited a number of times with Art on a Postcard and Art for Charity Collective on various exhibitions. Her work was included in a charity art auction at Christie’s (2022).