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La Alegría

La Alegría

Artist:  Ella Kate Harrison &  Poppy Lennox 

Medium: Original artwork, one of a kind. Acrylic and embroidery on birch plywood

Size: 42 x 30 cm   

Painter and colourist Ella Kate Harrison, alongside painter and embroiderer Poppy Lennox, have come together to create two unique works inspired by their shared fascination in life’s vibrations, energy flow, and interconnectivity.

During one of their initial meetings, Ella shared that in immersing herself in music and allowing the sounds and vibrations to guide her, the organic forms of her paintings intuitively take shape. This vibrational connection of music, the subconscious flow of energy onto the work’s surface, became a fundamental aspect that both artists believed should influence their collaboration.

Ella and Poppy each chose a piece of music, which formed the inspiration for their artwork – a translation of the vibrational energy of the music onto the wooden canvas. Upon completing their respective pieces, the artists exchanged their artworks, enabling each to respond to the other's chosen music within and around the existing forms. The result is an intricate interweaving of painterly and embroidered forms for both of these original artworks.

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