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Artist: Willow Stacey & Florence, 9

Medium: Embroidery thread and felt on domestic duster

Size: 15x10cm 

"When I was Florence's age I loved to colour and draw anything, everything and not always on paper. I especially loved going to work with my Dad in the school holiday's, we got to use the laminator!! Every single picture I drew, no matter how good, would go through the laminator to 'make them last' often being coloured with a garish highlighter afterwards. 

My 'creativity' didn't stick to drawing on paper, I vividly remember sneakily peeling strips of the textured wallpaper on the stairs in my parents house, it was so fluffy, so satisfying... so naughty! I convinced myself that by colouring it in in blue biro and thick pencil no one would ever notice the difference, naturally my parent's spotted it as soon as they walked in. 

Luckily for my parents I soon learnt to stick to my own sketchbook. Since starting secondary school, I have kept every sketchbook I started from college, university and life since education. I recently found a sketchbook I didn't know still existed, with one drawing dated 21st May 1998. " Willow 

"Art is how I express myself and bring out my emotions.Florence, 9

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