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Garden Friends

Garden Friends

Artist: Nadia Attura, Sofia, 8, Marigold, 8 & Sofia, 9 

Medium: Fine Art photographic print, professionally printed on fine art Giclee cotton 308 gsm gallery paper using archival pigment ink. Signed, numbered with certificate of authenticity.

Edition: Limited edition of 25

Size: 29.7 x 42 cm (A3)

“As an 8 year old I lost myself or rather found myself in drawing and painting. I was able to submerge myself in an imaginary idealised world, I would take myself off on a journey for hours. It was my happy place, jungles and animals, mountains and seas. The whole world there for me to safely explore.  At school I found reading and maths a struggle, I learnt differently. but Dyslexia was unknown then, so visual communication was my hero and I was able to feel self worth and a sense a place through Art.” Nadia 

“I love creating art because you can express yourself, looking after animals make me feel joy. Marigold, 8

I love creating art because it makes me feel happy and relaxed. I love drawing volcanos and I love dinosaurs so I put one in my art. Sofia, 8

I find creating art relaxing and calming.  I have anxiety and I draw to help me sleep.  When I draw I can really use my imagination which calms me down and I can express myself. I like looking at nature because it is beautiful and calming.  I also like looking at the sky because my Daddy is a star.  I get a happy feeling from a starry sky but my favourite time of year is watching the murmuration. My picture is a murmuration. It brings me and everyone else such joy seeing the birds. Sofia, 9

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