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Bounce Bounce Out and About

Bounce Bounce Out and About

Artist: Jane Dinmore &  Jessie Woodward 

Medium: Original artwork, one of a kind. Acrylic on paper.

Size: 76x57cm 

Original painting inspired by the work of Jessie Woodward. Making shapes and layering marks in colour has brought us to collaborate. It is this visual dialogue with paint that lead us to respond to each others work. In my piece I have taken some of the colours, marks and compositional elements of Jessie’s work and remixed them.

I have created a pretend landscape that uses the essence Jessie’s abstract language, by rounding the edges and adding a sense a space around coloured forms. I decided to be minimal with sudden dashes and bouncy lines to create a place from Jessie’s energetic and loaded works. The communication of abstractions drives my work, the surprising compositions that happens when using  spontaneity of colour and form is endless. I am sure Jessie’s and my work could go back and forth indefinitely! It is the bliss of marking a mark and seeing where shapes take you that has ultimately brought us together.

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