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Artist: Jessie Woodward & Primrose, 9

Medium: Collage on paper

Size: A3, 29.7 cm x 42 cm

"Art was so immersive to me as a 9 year old and a perfect place to explore boundaries, try new things and express myself without having to think of words! Creating art at 9 and still is to this day, is the epitome of contentment and frustration!  I am proud to be part of such an exciting project and work with the young Artist, Primrose. Her use of colour and exploration of mark making captures the essence of what creating is to me, producing playful, confident and explorative work. Fantastic initiative and an absolute joy to be working alongside Aunt Joy Gallery. Bravo!" Jessie

“I love creating art because it makes me feel happy, I love trying different colours and experimenting with different techniques. I feel joy when I finish a piece of art and when I sing. Family and friends bring me joy too. Colours that make me happy are yellow, green and blue.” Primrose, 9

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