• Soumati

    Myriam Achour Soumati is a French-Algerian self-taught artist based in London. As a dreamer and highly sensitive child, drawing and painting was always her happy place. Growing up in Paris, Myriam spent her summers drawing and painting in the French countryside in Charentes.

    After building a successful career in marketing, the desire to chase her childhood dream of becoming an artist were too strong to ignore. In 2017 Soumati Studio was born - Soumati being the name of the Algerian tribe she descended from. 

    Simple lines, vibrant and grounding colours, a strong sense of freedom and power are the key pillars of her work. Female empowerment, sisterhood and connection to nature are at heart of her work. Embracing and activating her divine feminine has nurtured her art in all kinds of ways. From her creation process to subject matter. 

    In a hectic, absurd and ever more connected/ disconnected world, Soumati finds meaning and comfort in mother nature, describing freedom as her ultimate muse. Her work celebrates the simplicity and power of the being versus the doing. Being free to be who we truly are: diverse, shameless, bare, in harmony with each other and nature.Soumati’s aim is to take you on a journey of beauty, aliveness and meaningfulness to help you connect to your heart, to feel empowered, unapologetic, present and free.