• Tess Zahn

    Photographic Visual artist, Tess Zahn, was born in London of Greek and German descent. She moved to Brighton in 1998 and never left. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and an MA in photography.

    Tess’s fine art practice explores reoccurring themes centred around the cyclical rhythm of time within mother nature, rites of passage, memory, connections, mythologies, and organic natural forms.

    Experimenting with either alternative photographic processes, analogue, collage techniques or digital photography, Tess aims to produce poetic visual metaphors, either by blurring the image, layering, overlapping, or building upon the geometric shapes and intricacies of delicate plant life.

    In this Organic scape series Tess invites the viewer to question the subject, by playing with depth of field and concentrating on abstraction, Tess emulates the aesthetic of a painting, producing imagery that may not be considered photographic but more pictorial. The work you see here are digital macro floral explorations diving deep into botanical spaces focusing on elements of form, colour, pattern and texture aiming to honour the ephemeral yet hugely vital qualities of nature.

    Tess’ work continues to feature in galleries across the United Kingdom.