STEFDIES is a captivating photographic performance art series that unfolds a life story while celebrating the splendor of natural landscapes and human-made wonders. Through the lens of an anti-selfie perspective, each image playfully critiques society’s fixation on perfection and the relentless pursuit of flawless, Instagram-worthy photos.

    Every snapshot encapsulates a spontaneous moment, mirroring the unpredictable nature of life—reminding us that, like existence itself, we only get one shot.

    Stephanie Leigh pioneered the Anti-Selfie movement with this photographic performance art series, which exists as a response to the pressures of social media, selfie culture, and consumerism. The character of STEF emerged as a positive outlet, transforming Leigh’s personal experiences of sexism, racism, and classism into a shared source of laughter and travel excitement.

    In an era saturated with meticulously edited images, STEFDIES intentionally presents unfiltered depictions of the female form, challenging the narrow standards perpetuated by mainstream media. The aim is to broaden the spectrum of images on social platforms and normalize the portrayal of real, imperfect bodies.

    STEFDIES is a celebration of life, prompting us to look beyond the quest for the perfect picture and cherish our time on Earth. By embracing the universality of death, the series encourages us to live authentically, free from the shackles of others’ opinions and expectations.