• Nathalie Kingdon

    Nathalie is a French artist residing in London. She works from her own bespoke studio located at Wimbledon Art Studios in South London, where she specialises in vibrant silk screen prints that evoke the heat of sunlit days.
    Nathalie gains most her inspiration from the mood of the summer and when all her work is about light and colours, it also calls to mind a certain nostalgia to the sixties and seventies aesthetic. Her colourful and resolutely optimistic work clearly shows a fascination for the beauty of women figures with a focus on movement and attitudes. Nathalie likes working from images collated from various sources of inspiration:
    vintage magazines, postcards, screenshots of movie scenes and sometimes her own photos.
    She particularly enjoys transforming and enhancing imagery with a love for colour, exploring the juxtaposition between shape and form and reconsidering proportion and perspective. She is most interested in reimagining the narratives of images through the medium of her prints; narratives that organically evolve through an instinctive and sometimes playful approach.
    All works are original hand-pulled screen prints.