• Marioly Vazquez

    Originally from Mexico, Marioly is a London-based visual artist working with expanded photography.

    Known for ethereal portrayals of the world around us, Marioly captures light to distil her fluid combination of abstract and painterly realities. From nature and movements to luminosity and beauty, she entices the viewer in before delicately revealing the imprint of each subject.

    Inspired by studies on light and colour, Marioly’s photography explores the energetic and vibrational properties of the botanical realm. Drawn from Alchemical traditions, she narrates each piece in a dreamlike and poetic portrayal where matter and spirit become one. 

    Connecting with this deeper essence, Marioly examines how the vibrational frequencies in nature and the cosmos interfere with and influence our emotional well-being. From guiding our cycles and rhythms to teaching us about the intricate patterns of creation.

    Echoed in her study of herbalism, sacred geometry and mystical floral essences, Marioly explores the intuitive connection between flowers and our existence; capturing imagery that expresses the importance of co-existing, honouring and healing with nature.

    Her work has been featured in galleries across the United Kingdom, Italy and Mexico. In 2014, she won CONARTE's "Cultural Heritage of Nuevo León" contest. The same year she was a finalist in the “I am from here” contest of Cuarto Oscuro Magazine. In 2019, Marioly was selected as a finalist at the AGDA Design Awards.