• Kelda Storm

    Kelda Storm is a London-based contemporary artist whose practice has a post-digital sentiment. Themes are explored her using layers of colour, text, and repeated imagery. 

    Often using paint and print, screenprint is utilised as a fine art medium, rather than as a tool for mass production. She rarely prints editions, opting instead for one-off artworks or small runs. Her painting consists of pushing, scraping, and pulling paint across the surface whilst exploring the limits of colour and composition.

    For this initial collection for Aunt Joy, Kelda chooses to mix screenprint with abstracted paint. She scrapes and stamps colour across the surface using a print squeegee. These artworks are spontaneous yet maintain balance and composition. The result is a striking, built-up textured artwork, where all layers are visible.

    Kelda has a growing number of collectors worldwide.  Recent exhibitions include the Saatchi Gallery, Deal Castle, and the Affordable Art Fair. She holds a Fine Art MA from UAL Camberwell College of Arts.