• Katy Binks

    Based in London, Katy Binks is a multi-disciplinary silkscreen artist with a broad and colourful creative practice specialising in prints, murals and textile design. Katy explores the relationships between colour, shape, volume and proportion. Over the past year or so, Katy has been exploring a looser, more intuitive approach to printmaking. This new sense of freedom has invigorated her practice to such an extent that it now has more in common with painting than with edition-led printmaking.

    She discovered her passion for printmaking while studying BA Graphic Arts at the University of East London, before joining the highly regarded MA Printmaking course at Camberwell College of Arts. Her rich graphic palette is informed by a questioning, experimental spirit. Katy prints at Bainbridge Print studios and 2019 saw her first UK solo show at ASC Gallery.