• Emma Loizides

    Emma's fascination for all things Americana began at a young age. Cinema opened her eyes to the frenetic streets of New York in Home Alone, and the big Boulevards of Hollywood in Pretty woman.

    Her route into art wasn’t a traditional one. After university Emma started working in banking and enrolled in Saturday classes to learn oil painting. Travel became a resource, sketching and photo documenting road trips. Drawn to colourful sunsets,
    interesting architecture, and anything from palm trees to road signs. Emma's sketchbook helps to record moments of curiosity moving through a place, of being present.
    Strolling around the streets of London is also a source of inspiration. Often painting idealised scenes of the city, devoid of people and cars, emulating a sense of calm, or even melancholy. Capturing the peaceful mystery of the early hours.

    Rich with texture and colour dense creamy paints, Emma's romanticised paintings gift us with a short break from the chaos of city life. Her original oil paintings feature quirky buildings and expansive skies with pops of pastel neon paint. Escapism and enjoyment is at the core of Emma's saturated cityscapes. In sharing her nostalgia for a twinkling skyline, ice cream van or Florida pink, Emma offers the viewer a moment to contemplate and daydream.