• Clare Grossman

    Clare is a London based artist, trained at Camberwell School of Art where she attained a Masters Degree in Fine Art Printmaking.
    The human form is often utilized in her work as a tool for personal expression, a mode to subtly reflect human emotion. The juxtaposition of abstract marks against the illusion of ‘reality’ are repeatedly examined & revisited through images of the model. Her work is created by developing various techniques, combined & layered to reveal subtle harmonies and strong contrasts. The resulting images are infused with the physical and instantaneous joy of mark making.

    Clare’s approach is very much her own, with an emphasis on creating ‘unique variable editions’. Centring on a painterly approach, her art focuses on the search for an essential energy, the ‘essence’ of a chosen subject. Utilising her knowledge and experience of etching together with experimental painterly techniques, each final print is an unrepeatable individual impression.

    Clare has exhibited widely with across the UK and further afield. Her art is held with several national collections and artworks have been commissioned for various corporate companies. The Victoria & Albert Museum, Claridges, Princess Noura University for Women in Saudi Arabia, the BUPA art collection, Hilton Hotel Paris, the Langham London & ArtUK are a few of the organisations that currently hold examples of her paintings and original prints.