• Chloe Thimister

    Chloe Thimister is a multidisciplinary Belgian artist. Raised surrounded by a creative family and a strong African legacy, Chloe grew up in a mix of cultures and experienced a range of creative styles.

    Using her skills in painting, graphic design, beadwork and embroidery, Chloe’s universe offers a mix of colourful surreal landscapes, impactful black and white illustrations and eye-catching embellishments.

    Always inspired by the beauty and power of womanhood, sisterhood and queerness Chloe enjoys exploring the female form. In her work, she portrays fierce, sexy and powerful women.

    Queer-identifying herself, you can recognise in her work the confidence of free visual expression that she has found within the LGBQTIA+ community.

    Chloe is now bringing - and further exploring - her artistic influences to East London where she moved three years ago.