Aunt Joy Amy Gardner Guest Speaker at Female Invest's Event Paintings & The Patriarchy

Aunt Joy & Female Invest

Paintings & The Patriarchy: Female Invest

On December 12th, Aunt Joy was invited along to speak at “Paintings & The Patriarchy" a members only event generously hosted by Female Invest, an organisation committed to educating and empowering women to achieve financial success through various different investment approaches.

Find out more about Female Invest's mission and manifesto here.  


We were asked to talk about launching Aunt Joy, why it is that we are dedicated to representing women artists, investing in women artists, the current state of female representation in the industry, the artists we represent, and buying art for joy.

London Trade Art, spoke about the overall value of art as an investment, with trends similar to that of gold. As it turns out, statistically more women than men are sensible enough to choose to invest in art.

It was an incredible night. The room was full of inspiring women. We also had the opportunity to show a select collection of available works.

Art lovers buy art for many reasons. As you’re probably aware, Aunt Joy is a big advocate of buying art for joy, knowing it's something that energetically lifts a space/ human, but it’s always great to have a reminder of the financial sensibility of investing in art, particularly women artists.

Have a look at Aunt Joy's incredible list of established and emerging women artists. 

Have a look at Aunt Joy's exciting collection of art created by women. 

AJ x

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