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Full Potential

Artist: Lucie Flynn & Beatrix, 8

Medium: Watercolour Paper with Giclee and hand painted type in Ink

Edition: Part of the "Certificate Of Encouragement" series. Limited edition of 10, each piece is hand finished making each one unique

Size: A3 29.7 cm x 42 cm

“At 8 years old I remember being obsessed with colour and pattern, I used cover any bits of paper lying around in abstract designs. They were quiet meditative at the time and as an only child became something that I could pick up and start or continue at any time. I was shy and happy in company so these pieces became surrogate friends that I could almost have lyrical conversations with.  I was drawn to Beatrix’s work as it referenced my own early artistic mood and when looking into my mums archive of childhood drawings and schoolwork - the things I was most drawn to were the school reports. As a very creative child I never felt like I fitted into the academic side of learning and for this project I wanted to use those discouraging words written down in my school reports and flip them to produce a small series of work that would translate into a manifesto of praise. Of course I am also considering my own daughter who is in 9 years old, imagining what would give her confidence and joy" Lucie

“I love creating art because it makes me feel like I am in another world, it takes my mind to a calm place and I love that the art can be as crazy as I want it to be.  Hamsters, my teacher, hamsters, mummy, my sister, my family and my friends give me joy” Beatrix, 8

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